A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Kettering Air Cadets:

Q. How old do you have to be to join Cadets?
A. Any teenager aged 13 to 17 can join.

Q. Can teenagers with disabilities join Cadets?
A. Yes, every effort is made to accommodate teenagers with special needs.

Q. When are Parade nights for Cadets?
A. Every Monday and Wednesday night, from 7pm to 9.30pm.

Q. What is the uniform code for Cadets?
A. This varies from green uniform, blue uniform or mufti, depending on the occasion. Cadets are always informed in advance if a certain uniform is required.

Q. Can boys and girls compete in all the activities?
A. Yes, all Cadets are allowed to participate in every activity, regardless of gender.

Q. Do new Cadets have to join the Squadron by themselves?
A. No, the Squadron operates an Intake Programme so new Cadets will be joining alongside others.

Q. How much are subs?
A. £10 per month

Q. How often do we do an intake?
A. Every other month, starting from January.